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JetSelect Aviation (JSA) is a privately-held premium-aviation service company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

Our management team is comprised of industry professionals with years of experience in aircraft charter, management and maintenance services. Our excellence is seen in our dedication to client satisfaction, aviation service details and recognition of being the best in the industry.

From Robert Austin, CEO & Founder of JetSelect Aviation

The foundation for the JetSelect Aviation service model was formed from our very first charter flight. In the process of setting up a trip, I asked the client if there was anything we could do to make the trip more enjoyable. She replied that she may get cold and would like a blanket on board. Then, she asked if it would be too much trouble to have some fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies and a glass of cold milk on board for her husband. Needless to say, her husband was surprised to find his favorite snack on that flight and commented that he had never had cookies and milk on a private flight before.

Over the course of building our business, I have found that everyone has their own unique cookies-and-milk desire. The key to our success is our ability to learn what will please our customers. Flying airplanes is a process that any operator can do. Listening to our clients and remembering the details while servicing their needs is what JetSelect Aviation does best.

Mission Statement

JetSelect Aviation's mission is to use the experience from our team of aviation professionals in order to provide the highest-quality services to our clients. We provide those services while being mindful of safety, efficiency and respect for one another in the performance of our duties.

Organizations Supported

Flying Horse Farms: A magical, transforming and fun camp for children with serious illnesses since 2010.

When kids go to Flying Horse Farms, they are no longer a kid with cancer. They are not constrained by their asthma or sickle cell disease. The toll on the body from heart disease, arthritis or hemophilia is forgotten.

When kids are there, they're different. They aren't patients. They are kids.

Visit Flying Horse Farms' Website

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JetSelect Aviation continues to grow with the addition of a New Challenger 350 in Wilmington

JetSelect will now offer a Challenger 350 based in Wilmington, DE equipped with brand new leather interior, touch-screen technology, new paint, and WiFi that is readily available for charter.

Brand New Global 5000 Joins JetSelect Aviation in Kansas City

Brand New Global 5000 Joins JetSelect Aviation in Kansas City

A new Global 5000 will be based in Kansas City, MO operating under JetSelect Aviation. JetSelect is extremely excited to offer this new Global with ample space, ultimate privacy, and a customizable cabin.

JetSelect Aviation Adds WiFi Equiped Challenger 300 in Teterboro

JetSelect Aviation Adds WiFi Equiped Challenger 300 in Teterboro

JetSelect will now offer a Challenger 300 based in Teterboro, NJ equipped with a beautiful leather interior, new paint, WiFi and is immediately available for charter.

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