Jet Select Aviation is FAA CFR Part 135 Certified

Worldwide Operating Authority

This is only granted by the FAA to operators who have proven competency with managing an aircraft in other countries. More importantly, we are proficient in flying to other countries by navigating the international airways over the north Atlantic Ocean and north and south Pacific Oceans.

Ten or More Approval

The FAA requires more complex maintenance programs and procedures for aircraft with 10 or more passenger seats. The major importance of this approval is that we are required to have a certified inspector, who is separate from our regular inspector. The certified inspector reviews and approves all maintenance performed on the specific aircraft before it is returned to service.

Designated Airport Analysis Program

JetSelect Aviation subscribes to a program that uses designated airport analysis data and aircraft performance charts. This information helps our crews optimize their performance capabilities for each flight. Our crews can optimize fuel and payload for each trip, and this is based on existing conditions at the designated airport. Without this data, crews are held to broader limitations, which often times will constrain mission requirements.

Safety Management System

A Safety Management System (SMS) is not required by the FAA, but we realize it is important and vital to have in place. Our SMS is a functioning and competent system that takes a comprehensive approach to reducing the risks of flying. Elements of our SMS include internal auditing programs, vendor auditing programs, risk assessment and management programs, as well as a formal and documented safety analysis program.

This complete set of procedures and approvals in place helps to define our excellence.

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