Aircraft Management with JetSelect Aviation

JetSelect Aviation is based around the country and offers tailored management programs because we realize no two owners are the same. Whether you are interested in a revenue-split model, high utilization, or Part 91 management, we can design a program to meet your needs.  

We embody a culture of safety as is evident in our ARG/US Platinum safety rating and Safety Management System (SMS) programs. Our licensed dispatchers are available 24/7 to help exceed your expectations and to ensure flawless trip execution. Our well-versed aviation accountants provide easy-to-read, transparent billing statements that detail all aspects of the costs associated with ownership. Here are a few other reasons our aircraft owners have entrusted us with managing their assets.

Savings and Fleet Discounts

We offer owners incredible savings with parts, insurance, training, and fuel. We belong to an alliance that consists of over 300 aircraft, burning 50 million gallons of fuel per year and training over 600 pilots. We use this volume for fleet discounts that we pass on to our owners. Our motto is “maximize revenue and minimize expense.”

Charter Revenue

We boast one of the highest average revenues per hour in all aircraft categories in our fleet. We capture the same top-line revenue with less time on your airframe than our competitors. We also understand hours-to-cycle ratios which puts wear and tear on your aircraft, increasing maintenance costs, and only identify high-quality charter trips.

Expert Jet Maintenance

JetSelect Aviation’s maintenance personnel use systematic approaches and years of experience to help fix issues in the most efficient manner. Along with the team's experience in troubleshooting over the phone, we know the right vendors in distant parts of the country and provide the appropriate amount of due diligence prior to major scheduled inspections. We are confident we will exceed your expectations and lower your costs. We treat your aircraft as if it were our own and realize it is very easy for others to spend money that isn't theirs! 

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Aircraft Management

JetSelect News


JetSelect Aviation continues to grow with the addition of a New Challenger 350 in Wilmington

JetSelect will now offer a Challenger 350 based in Wilmington, DE equipped with brand new leather interior, touch-screen technology, new paint, and WiFi that is readily available for charter.

Brand New Global 5000 Joins JetSelect Aviation in Kansas City

Brand New Global 5000 Joins JetSelect Aviation in Kansas City

A new Global 5000 will be based in Kansas City, MO operating under JetSelect Aviation. JetSelect is extremely excited to offer this new Global with ample space, ultimate privacy, and a customizable cabin.

JetSelect Aviation Adds WiFi Equiped Challenger 300 in Teterboro

JetSelect Aviation Adds WiFi Equiped Challenger 300 in Teterboro

JetSelect will now offer a Challenger 300 based in Teterboro, NJ equipped with a beautiful leather interior, new paint, WiFi and is immediately available for charter.